Salty Pop Electro music, French Touch artist, melodic pop, EDM / Dance, Urban beats, rap flow, with cynical lyrics about consumerism, fluo colors….

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Amadeus MOZZA new singles and EP coming soon :

Salty Pop Electro artist Amadeus MOZZA is a French pop and electronic music composer and producer from France.
With their French Touch feel, his melodic songs groove over EDM and urban beats, with Queen-style vocal harmonies and rap flows. A colorful universe of cynical antihero, mocking consumerism, between biting indie pop and decadent consumer product.
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New single available everywhere : Your Best Follower

Your Best Follower is the ambiguous love message that Instagram or Facebook would deliver to one of his users. As social networks usually collect data in order to target their sales, they can be considered as the user’s best follower. Sustained by a paper cut out videoclip, Amadeus MOZZA compares this process to an unhealthy love relationship between a stalker and his prey, and plays the role of the former.

Take a melodic pop chorus, rap and soul verses, pour them on a heavy filtered synth and punchy electro beats. Stir on ternary afro grooves (like the Reunion Island Maloya music), and you get Amadeus MOZZA’s 2021 first single.

Release date: May 14th 2021
1st single announcing PackCage, Amadeus MOZZA’s 5 track EP for September 2021
Recording & production in Amadeus MOZZA’s homestudio, Châtellerault (France)
Mixing & mastering: K-Sänn Dub



Single, out in june 2020
Adaptated from a meme :

Wonderful Life

Cover + remix, May 2020
Black (Colin Vearncombe) electro-pop + technoïd cover

Décoloryl 200

Single, out in September 2017
…with laudry detergent ad samples


Single, out in March 2017
…with petrol station voice samples



Videoclip / single, june 2020

Wonderful Life

Videoclip / Black electro-pop cover, May 2020

Wonderful Life

Videoclip / Black techno-pop cover/remix, May 2020

Décoloryl 200

Videoclip / single, September 2017


Videoclip / single, march 2017


Amadeus MOZZA

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06 43 34 19 39


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Amadeus MOZZA - Press Kit Photograph 2021