Amadeus MOZZA : Salty Pop Electro music, French Touch artist, melodic pop, EDM / Dance, Urban beats, rap flow, with cynical lyrics about consumerism, fluo colors….

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Amadeus MOZZA new singles and EP coming soon :

Salty Pop Electro artist Amadeus MOZZA is a French pop and electronic music composer and producer from France.
With their French Touch feel, his melodic songs groove over EDM and urban beats, with Queen-style vocal harmonies and rap flows. A colorful universe of cynical antihero, mocking consumerism, between biting indie pop and decadent consumer product.
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Your Best Follower (single)

Release date: May 14th 2021
1st single announcing PackCage, Amadeus MOZZA’s 5 track EP for September 2021
Recording & production in Amadeus MOZZA’s homestudio, Châtellerault (France)
Mixing & mastering: K-Sänn Dub (sound engineer, sound director on Panda Dub tour)



Single, out in june 2020
Adaptated from a meme :

Wonderful Life

Cover + remix, May 2020
Black (Colin Vearncombe) electro-pop + technoïd cover

Décoloryl 200

Single, out in September 2017
…with laudry detergent ad samples


Single, out in March 2017
…with petrol station voice samples



Videoclip / single, june 2020

Wonderful Life

Videoclip / Black electro-pop cover, May 2020

Wonderful Life

Videoclip / Black techno-pop cover/remix, May 2020

Décoloryl 200

Videoclip / single, September 2017


Videoclip / single, march 2017


Amadeus MOZZA

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06 43 34 19 39


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Amadeus MOZZA - Press Kit Photograph 2021